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Swimming pool accidents or drownings are unfortunately a common occurrence in California. While pools can constitute relaxation or fun, they can lead to tragedy aswell. A swimming pool accidents attorney has the experience and skills to represent you in a case concerning a swimming pool accident or wrongful death.

What are The Most Common Injuries with Swimming Pool Accidents?

Near-drownings can lead to consequences for the victim. With children that survive a near-drowning, they may have severe and even lasting neurological disabilities as brain damage can occur after just four minutes of being submerged. These types of personal injury lawsuits can be complicated and require the help of experts to win. This makes it even more important to hire a swimming pool accidents attorney that has proven resources that can help with your case. Slip and falls are also common as wet pool decks are slippery. Negligent supervision and no warning signs are also regular liability issues that can be used in court too.

Who is Responsible for Swimming Pool Accidents in California?

The question of liability involves premise liability negligence and product liability. With premises liability, a property owner will be liable for injuries that are caused by hazardous and dangerous conditions on the property that the owner themselves knew about. An owner is negligent if they fail to take precautions to prevent a drowning with private or residential swimming pools, with private or commercial pools used for members, guests, or tenants at motels, health clubs, or apartment complexes, owners of government property with municipal swimming pools, or the possessors or operators of a property where an accident took place. Negligence can be defined by a lack of warning signs, lack of fencing, negligent supervision, or lack of maintenance.

Understanding Negligence

Negligence is the failure to provide a safe place for others. For example, if pool equipment was improperly installed, there may be negligence against the installers themselves. An employee can be liable if a lifeguard was hired that wasn’t qualified or if their negligent supervision led to a particular drowning. In California, many towns have passed laws that impose requirements on the construction and maintenance of residential swimming pools. These laws may require locked gates and fences or special pool covers.

Seeking Compensation for Swimming Pool Accidents

Damage awards in a swimming pool accident claims are intended to help restore the victim back to health. In the case of a drowning, a claim is filed for surviving beneficiaries of the victim as a wrongful death lawsuit.

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