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Were You Injured By A Defective Product?

A defective product is one that has a defect in design or in the way it was manufactured. In addition to the existing negligence of the design, a product liability claim may fail to warn of potential consequences or may even have a breach of warranty at hand. When it comes to defective product accidents, finding an experienced product liability attorney to help you is important. These cases can be expensive, complicated, and also time-consuming. The investigation of a case can take a lot of time and requires the skills of a legal professional who has a proven track record of success fighting these types of cases.

How can a Product Liability Attorney in California Help with Defective Product Accidents?

First, if you’ve been injured by a product, seek medical help. Not only is this important for your health, but it also helps to provide evidence of an injury that can be used later in your lawsuit or claim. One of the biggest reasons to hire a lawyer right away is that they can preserve all of the evidence that gives clues to what caused the product to injure you specifically and why the event occurred. They also can determine how the product injured you specifically and who is responsible.

By finding someone with experience in handling defective product accidents in Valencia. We have a series of product liability attorneys that are passionate about meeting the needs of every client. We also have many years of experience in litigating product liability claims in and around Santa Clarita and Los Angeles counties. Our experience gives us an upper hand on knowing how to specifically investigate your case and how to obtain the information we need in order to win.

California Product Liability Laws

In the state of California, you have two years to file a suit for personal injury and three years for any property damage. We follow a pure comparative fault negligence method. This means that if a product exploded, causing $10,000 to your home, that even if you were at fault for 80% of it, you can still recover 20% of the cost or $2,000.

Ultimately, there are three categories of product liability: manufacturing defect, defective design, and lack of warning or instructions for said products. With defective design, if there are technical issues, a risk/benefit test must be used. If a product fails this test, there’s a risk of inherent danger present, which caused it to be a liability. A manufacturing defect constitutes a strict liability.

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